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1st single from upcoming album
⊶⫷ PELE ⫸⊶

The first "pele - skin" is shown in full on the 6th of January, and is inspired by the traditional Portuguese lullaby "José Embala o Menino", with matrix in Monsanto, municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. Since its lyrics include references to the baby Jesus, it is also considered a Christmas song. The first "pele - skin" is just to keep you/us ever more attentive and grateful to everything that validates being alive in the skin and bones, and to remind us that the skin will always heal until it stops doing so, so that each moment can be appreciated and validated in love. You see, there is no Mother who does not sing and cry at the same time, her boy. That is our condition, that of the skin, and we just surrender

Beyond Music Community

Mateso covid19 song

SinaUbi Zawose from Tanzania, invites Senhora do Ó to produce and sing, also with Raushan Orazbay from Kazakhstan and Elly Kellner from Netherlands.

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