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Pachamama, from Quechua, Pacha (universe, world, time, place), and Mama (mother, Mother Earth), is the maximum deity of the indigenous peoples of the central Andes. This piece intends to remove all the filters that prevent us reaching the essence of each forest, of each plant, and make clear how we merge into one while breathing together.  A shamanic inspiration for unconditional oneness 

In deep collaboration with Diego Origlia (Italian Lyrics, Lead Italian Vocal, Guitar), Francis MBE (French Lyrics, Lead French Vocal, Harmony Chants), Rona Geffen (Hebrew Lyrics, Lead Hebrew Vocal, Chants, Singing Bowl), and Sandro Friedrich (Jaw Harp, Pivana).


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An offering to the natural phenomenon.

A free spirit vocal journey and acoustic guitar featuring Rui Zilhão.



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Ethnic Fusion collaboration between 11 artists from 9 different countries with 4 songs produced by Senhora do Ó & Elly Kellner (The Netherlands).

Interview with Edgar Canela st "Vozes da Lusofonia" dedicated to Lusophone musicians. March 2021

Antena1 National Broadcasting 

Mateso covid19 song

SinaUbi Zawose from Tanzania, invites Senhora do Ó to produce and sing, also with Raushan Orazbay from Kazakhstan and Elly Kellner from Netherlands.