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 Creativity Award 2020

"Uivo de Lamento", song by Senhora do Ó, with Raushan Orazbayeva from Kazakhstan and SinaUbi Zawose from Tanzania. The song is included on Beyond Music Vol.2 "Same Planet", with 16 tracks, produced and mixed by the legendary drummer, composer and producer Manu Katché. 60 artists from 26 countries have collaborated for this album during the 2020 virus pandemic across all difficulties and their isolations.


"The song combines instruments from different cultures, unknown ancient sounds and modern technology in an innovative way. (...) It is a wonderful multicultural fusion with strong voices and an earthy rhythm that leaves room for fantasy. (...) You can feel the message of the song in every cell of your body. (...)"

Beyond Music Vol.2 - 2021

Same Planet - Beyond Music.JPG
earth vibrations EP cover Elly Kellner Senhora do O LARGE.jpg

Yuji Nakagawa (Japan) – Sarangi

Natalia Mateo (Germany) – Vocals

Tom Baartmans (Netherlands) – Bass

Nezar Omran (Syria) – Syrian trumpet

Jivan Gasparyan Jr (Armenia) – Duduk

Juan van Emmerloot (Netherlands) – Drums

Elly Kellner (Netherlands) – Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar

Dyllann (Cameroon) – Drum Loops, Vocals

Bijayashree Samal (India/Switzerland) – Vocals

Senhora do Ó (Portugal) – Vocals, Virtual Instruments, Percussion, Adufe

Hulgo Drumming (Mongolia) – Overtone Singing, Hang Drum, Shaman Drum, Udu


An Ethnic Fusion & New Age collaboration between 11 artists from nine different countries. When our heart finds a direct channel with Planet Earth, we start to decipher what kind of vibration our planet broadcasts. We translated this into four songs produced by Senhora do Ó (Portugal) & Elly Kellner (The Netherlands).


Single 2022

Official Video


A song that starts from Portugal and merges with the Tuareg band, TARWA N-TINIRI from Morocco, who ended up singing in Tamazight, a Berber language, and also with MARJO SMOLANDER from Finland, evoking sacred sounds with your Kantele.


Single 2022

Official Video


A pagan prayer that proposes to be recited and reverberated in unison, in canon, in spoken word, here with reference to the great Uruguayan thinker, Eduardo Galeano, and in all the musical formulas that human nature reaches, so that it may illuminate the paths of all beings that depart their countries with nothing, fighting for their own survival. Patterns of war practiced for millennia that must be ended now. Co-produced with JUAN BARALLOBRES from Argentina, KIYINGI GIOVANNI KIYINGI from Uganda and RAUSHAN ORAZBAEVA.


Single 2022

Single Cover - MOMENTO ĞAJAP SÄT.jpg

Official Video

Inspired by the a solo by one of the most unique instruments in the world, the KYL KOBYZ, composed and played by one of the strongest references of our time, Raushan Orazbaeva. Her technique radiates the magical power that her ancestors in Kazakhstan put into the instrument when they held it. Also with the extraordinary LES TERIBA from Benin, promoting a sound tradition and modernity feel hand in hand, and JUAN PABLO VILLA , singer and contemporary composer with unconventional vocal techniques and vocal manifestations in Mexico.


Single 2021

Official Video

PACHAMAMA - Senhora do Ó- Capa3.jpg

From Quechua, Pacha (universe, world, time, place), and Mama (mother, Mother Earth), is the maximum deity of the indigenous peoples of the central Andes, directly related to the Earth, fertility, the mother and the feminine. This piece intends to remove all the filters that prevent us reaching the essence of each forest, of each plant, and make clear how we merge into one while breathing together. A shamanic inspiration for unconditional oneness ♥ With DIEGO ORIGLIA between Italy and France, FRANCIS MBE from Cameroon, RONA REFFEN from Israel, and SANDRO FRIEDRICH from Switzerland, 

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