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Andreia João


Portuguese singer, songwriter and producer.

Born in Sintra, Portugal. Soul and heart are hands tight with Traditional Portuguese Music and all "Lusofonias" and "Iberofonias". Yet the mind is linked with Electronic Music.


Since 2012, Andreia is living Senhora do Ó, Exploring the sound intuitively, manipulating it with the support of synthesizers and her voice. Based on organic percussions and synthetic beats, harmonizing Chill Out Ethnic backgrounds, also with Portuguese words. One major objective is to revisit some of the many references at the Old Portuguese Songbook and the ancestral repertoire of oral tradition, also of Portugal, lined within this new context.














Since 2010 she started a new cycle writing and composing music for her own repertoire. ÓAI d'IR, a non-traditional project based in tradicional music. Original repertoire of acoustic songs based on world percussions, and also  in melody, using ethnic instruments, including instruments of traditional Portuguese root. A project produced by Miguel Simoes and Andreia João in co-authorship.

Since 2009, also the singer performer for NOIDZ, a band of aliens arising from the Planet. A fusion between Metal, Trance and Traditional Portuguese Music. Participates in the band's second album called, released in April 2013, with special guests such Fado singer Kátia Guerreiro and the producer, multi-instrumentist Júlio Pereira.






















Between 2007 and 2019, Andreia was the backing singer for the amazing artist and eternal friend ROBERTO LEAL, participating in the annual Portuguese Tour and Portuguese Communities for all over the world. Special participation in the chorus of the album Raiç in 2009, and also in the most recent album from 2016, Arrebenta a Festa, that unfortunately was also his last.













My eternal and dear Friend, Master of Authentic Portuguese Joy who feels that the World is too small for his country, disarming maps and hearts as a true artist who always knew how to read his own essence and self-recognize himself, without limits to dream.

Gratitude my Eternal Master and dear Friend, for having read me so clearly from the start, for your always vitalizing energy, for your Love for our traditional Portuguese music, for my turn, for the beauty of the forgotten ternary compass, for your singing smile, for the your always affectionate embrace and for your deeply inspiring Faith for me.

Keep flying!
We're Together ♥











One of the greatest experience was singing with CRAMOL, a polyphonic chorus of women. Traditional portuguese singing, one of the richest heritage of portuguese tradicional music "a capella". 


Andreia performed for other projects, such as ÉTER, music for theater stages with the producer David Martins. ALMA RUBRA, LATA DOG, KATHARSIS, TANIRA.

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