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2nd album

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Senhora do Ó at "Vozes da Lusofonia" - National broadcasting Antena1

Intervew with Edgar Canelas, in a space dedicated to Lusophone musicians.


"Uivo de Lamento", song by Senhora do Ó from Portugal, with

Raushan Orazbayeva from Kazakhstan and SinaUbi Zawose from Tanzania. 


The song is included on Beyond Music Vol.2 "Same Planet", with 16 tracks, produced and mixed by the legendary drummer, composer and producer Manu Katché. With 60 artists from 26 countries have collaborated for this album during the 2020 virus pandemic across all difficulties and their isolations.

About Uivo de Lamento song

"The song combines instruments from different cultures, unknown ancient sounds and modern technology in an innovative way. (...) It is a wonderful multicultural fusion with strong voices and an earthy rhythm that leaves room for fantasy. (...)

You can feel the message of the song in every cell of your body. (...)"

SinaUbi Zawose from Tanzania, invites Senhora do Ó to produce and sing, also with Raushan Orazbay from Kazakhstan and Elly Kellner from Netherlands.

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